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Presented with the task of identifying an opportunity within the health and wellness problem space, our team of 3 decided to tackle the topics of physical and mental health, simultaneously. This led us to WellNest, a mobile application, which utilizes Headspace's content and curates it for the user through a comprehensive onboarding process and an assigned wellness coach to provide in depth support.


Amy Freid


2 Weeks

Ivy Chen

Samantha Bonnet


User Interviews with Otter

Research Synthesis

with Affinity Mapping

MoSCoW Map

Competitive Analysis

Usability Testing

Persona Development

Survey Screener


Survey Screener

We sent out a survey screener and received 27 responses. Our screener was focused on people’s preferred methods of stress and fitness management. We were able to schedule 6 user interviews from these screeners from which we gained deeper insights into people’s day to day wellness management.


User Interviews

To gain a better understanding of our target users and persona, we conducted user interviews with users total.

“I wish I had someone to help me stay focused and active.”

“I like to try different workouts to relieve stress because I know it works.”

“I’d like to meditate, but I’m not sure if I do it right.”

“Positive reinforcement puts my personal challenges into perspective for me.”

Affinity Mapping


After user interviews, we turned to affinity mapping to gain insight into the trends of stress and general wellness management. In the affinity map above, you can see that our users were focused on a few things:

  • Stress Relief: Users are conscious of their mental stress and active in trying to alleviate it with activities that they know have consistently worked in the past

  • Positive Reinforcement: Users find positive reinforcement more credible when hearing it from real people

  • Imagery/Sounds: Users find that “relaxing” imagery and sounds have an effect on their mental state

  • Routine & Organization: Users see the value in getting pushed or getting encouragement from others

Who is Becca?


What is the Problem?

Becca feels motivated to be productive and healthy when she receives encouragement. She is struggling with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and routine.

How might we help Becca reduce stress and achieve better stability in her day to day life?

Becca's Journey


To really understand Becca’s current process of stress management in her day to day life, we conducted a round of journey mapping where we walked through all of the steps Becca would have to go through to destress. This helped us start thinking about what our product should be focused on and what would really bring the most value to Becca’s life.

Ideation & Testing

Round 1: Low-Fi Paper Prototype

We conducted testing of our paper prototype with 3 users before developing our mid-fi prototype to ensure that basic functionality was achieved with our app.


Round 2: Mid-Fi Mobile Prototype


Final Prototype

Invision Mobile Prototype: Click Here


Next Steps

  1. Develop Android version of WellNest, which will require minor functionality adjustments

  2. Add key features:

    • Grounding techniques​

    • Goal Reminders/Notifications

    • Counselor Reviews

  3. Hamburger Navigation Functionality

  4. More in-depth onboarding assessment

  5. Larger text for descriptions

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